Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I Drop Knowledge So Heavy

April Greetings to Everyone,  

I hope everyone is doing well, I know I'm certainly happy it's April, and (fingers crossed,) it probably won't snow anymore this year in Erie.  Before I update you on my weekend, I'd like to wish my mom, a very happy Birthday!  

This past weekend, I went to Altoona, PA for the Pennsylvania Association for Criminal Justice Educators conference.  This time, I went to present a paper that my friend Nick and I had been writing.  I was pretty nervous to present the paper, but it payed off-- our paper won first place in the undergraduate competition!  I've fallen in love with this process of academia...it was different and rewarding to be the one sharing knowledge with others, after being on the student side for three years.  
They gave us a plaque!
This week is short, with the upcoming Easter holiday, and after all of the excitement of March it is a welcomed break.  My morning class was cancelled this morning, leaving me time to work on an essay and bake pita bread!

My apartment smells wonderful, 

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