Thursday, March 8, 2012

New Term, New Classes, New Developments

Hello, Friends, 

As I have a few hours before my classes begin for the day, I wanted to take the time to familiarize you with my new schedule for the spring, and discuss some events that have me absolutely thrilled for life.  (Classes, being part of that development, as per my nerdy usual).  

This term I am taking four classes, resultant of the first development I'd like to tell you about: I am now officially, a double major in Criminal Justice and Sociology, still keeping my minor in the Psychology of Crime and Law.  The reason for this (the Sociology addition,) is my realization that I enjoy Sociology as much as CJ, and with the overlap in content, it really was not too great of a burden.  Both departments are filled with skilled professors and dynamic coursework, the combination thereof has proven to be a inspiration for all of my future endeavors.   

I'm posting the links to both departments, if anyone is interested: 

Anyway, my schedule for the spring is as follows: 
  • Drugs and Human Behavior- One of three more classes I have left to complete the minor, this class is exploring the effects of various drugs on the mind and body.  It's interesting to get a different perspective on drug abuse than what would be presented in a class geared towards law enforcement, and therefore jibes nicely with my belief that there needs to be dialogue between disciplines in addressing widespread societal issues. 
  • Criminal Justice Ethics- This is a requirement for the CJ major, our professor explained the purpose of the class by describing that most classes help you get a job, whereas CJ ethics will help you keep said job.  It so far seems like a class that offers opportunities for discussion and learning from my peers, which is often my favorite kind of class.  
  • American Classics- This is one of the last requirements I have to fulfill in the liberal arts curriculum.  Lacking familiarity with the course, I selected it almost entirely based on the professor, who I had freshman year for College Writing I and II.  It was nice that even at a university, an instructor would remember me from previous classes, even though I am not in that major, I think this is probably the rule for most of the faculty here.  
  • Contemporary Sociological Theory- My first sociology class as a double major, and although having been to only one session, I can pretty much say with certainty that this class has serious potential.  I might even go as far as saying it was one of my favorite first classes ever.  It's a small class, so we all went around the room and discussed our reason for being a sociology student and discussed our home communities.  It was a small exercise, but that amount of engagement during what's colloquially termed, "syllabus week," and the information gleaned from my peers reassured me that I love sociology, and want to know more about it (I might have proclaimed my love for my academic path too much in this post).    
Seeing as this is a pretty lengthy post already, I am going to save my other news for a later post, (within the week,) as to not diminish the importance of any of these splendid developments.  Also, I don't know if anyone can handle this much delight at one time.  Here's a preview of coming attractions however- two Criminal Justice Conferences in one month. (See, the wait was necessary.)  

Until next Time, 

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