Friday, March 11, 2011

Spring Term, I love you

Hello everyone,

So I'm officially one week into spring term, which means only 9 more weeks until summertime!  Before I get ahead of myself, here is a quick overview of my classes:

Art Appreciation:  This is part of my liberal arts requirements here.  However, I absolutely love it.  I was in art club in high school, and now I get to take it for credits.  It is also a night class...and the only class I have on Mondays and Wednesdays (best schedule ever)

Research Methods in Criminal Justice: I know, this doesn't sound too thrilling...but again, criminal justice is my passion, and with new thoughts sprouting in my brain of being a gang researcher, this is good for me to explore a little more.

Hinduism:  This is fulfilling my second religion requirement here.  I like it so far, even though it's a lot of reading.  Also, taking Hinduism allowed for no Friday classes, so I can't complain.  Besides that, it really is an interesting religion.

So those are classes.  I'm not sure how this schedule became so lovely, and I'm doubting it will ever occur again.

Something else is new and exciting too, which is my campus work study.  I had worked in the admissions office, however my schedule became too complicated for that, and fate threw a new job in my face.  So, I'm currently a writing consultant for the writing center.  The writing center is peer run tutoring, so I get paid to revise papers and help people with writing (something I do anyway!)  I have a shift at 11.

That's really all that is going on so far.  Just trying to manage things and stay on top of the readings.  Also it snowed again last night, which I think means we deserve another spring break.

Passing out the fever to Mother Nature,

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